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Mohnhaupt Recovered And Racing In Monterrey

Los Angeles, CA

Alexandra Mohnhaupt made her return to the NACAM F4 this weekend with speed and results within the Top 5 in Monterrey following surgery to her shoulder three months prior.

After a three-month break since the last round at the Autódromo Internacional de Cancún, racing in the national F4 championship in Mexico got underway again in cooler than expected conditions in Monterrey. Mohnhaupt found herself pushing right from the start of the weekend, going quick in free practice.

"Practice was really good. I felt I might have needed more time to be in the car, but actually it was really good. In qualifying I was in P2, but then we didn't change the tyres so I ended the session P4. I was later dropped a position to P5 due to a penalty surrounding a tyre discrepancy," said Mohnhaupt.

The weekend's races were not free of drama, as the pack was full of overtakes and some collisions between drivers. In Mohnhaupt's case, starting from P5 for Race 1 gave her a third row grid position to attack for the front running positions.

"My start [of Race 1] was good. I held my position, but I was faster than the guy in P4 and I was trying to press him through most of the race, but then my car turned off around Lap 10." An electronics failure shut down the car before the young Mexican could make an overtake and reach the chequered flag.

"I started from P9 for Race 2 and my start was better than Race 1. There was a crash and I passed one of the stranded cars, and then four other cars later in the race. On the last lap, I had contact from my former teammate and I was almost done, as he hit my rear tyre, but luckily I could hold on and finish P4.

"In the final race I started P5 and I was following a group who went four cars wide into a corner on the third lap. I wanted to be behind the fastest car of the four, but then I touched another car and went into the grass." A battle for position then resumed with Mohnhaupt's former teammate for a second race in a row, this time with both drivers trading positions more than once. Mohnhaupt concluded the last race of the weekend in P7.

Mohnhaupt's manager Henry James added:

"It's been great to see Alexandra racing so well after intrusive surgery to her shoulder following a crash at the end of 2016. Our focus is now on finishing the season on a high. I believe a podium is possible for Alexandra if she and the team are at their best."

The penultimate round of the NACAM F4 takes place from 19-21 May at Parque Tangamanga in San Luis Potosí.

10 May 2017